Have You Been Scheduled For Surgery Soon? Get the Help of PT’s and OT’s!

Have You Been Scheduled For Surgery Soon? Get the Help of PT’s and OT’s!


The importance of rehabilitation prior to and following surgery cannot be overstated! Physical and occupational therapy are essential if you are undergoing surgery on a joint or muscle.

When it comes to preparing for surgery, the benefits of physical and occupational therapy have been proven numerous times. To ensure a rapid return to full strength following surgery, physical therapy is recommended both before and after surgery.

It’s a good idea to discuss your physical therapy choices with your surgeon before having surgery. You and your physical therapist can quickly design a plan of action to ensure the best healing outcomes.

To learn more about the advantages of pre- and post-surgical physical and occupational therapy, please contact Wise Physical Therapy right away.

Do prehab’s advantages outweigh the risks?

Before you have surgery, you should meet with your therpapists! As with postoperative physical therapy, research shows that preoperative physical therapy (prehab) offers similar benefits.

Prior to surgery, physical therapy can help the body restore strength in the area around the surgical site so that it is better able to recover from surgery itself once it has taken place.

If you’ve been injured and need to learn how your joints, ligaments, and muscles work together, Bone & Joint recommends prehabilitation. Additionally, pre-habilitation allows your therapist to measure your present range of motion and discuss your post-surgery recovery goals.

In certain cases, surgery and rehabilitation allow persons to return to their pre-injury or pre-conditioning level of activity.

Before you begin physical therapy at Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage, your therapist will help you strengthen and perform better in the areas closest to your injury. Your post-operative treatment plan will also be discussed with you and they will inform you when you may begin exercising and stretching.

Physical therapy is often started as soon as a patient is able to stand, even the day after surgery. Your physical therapist’s goal is never to cause you pain or suffering, so if you have any concerns about your treatment, please let him or her know.

The following treatments are frequently used in prehab:

  • Flexibility exercises and stretching
  • Muscle-building exercises
  • Treatments that combine both heat and cold
  • Massage

Advantages of rehabilitation after surgical procedures

Although it may come as a surprise to some, the possibility that post-operative physical or occupational therapy will be necessary for many patients is common knowledge. It is best to begin physical therapy as soon as possible after surgery to maximize your recovery!

Prior to surgery, you should talk to your surgeon and therapist about your treatment options so that you may set up your first post-operative care appointment as soon as possible.

After the surgery site’s wound has healed and your body is ready to begin repairing the torn tissue or damaged joint, therapy typically begins. Physical treatment is necessary to prevent stiffening and scarring of the rehabilitated ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Having a limited range of motion as well as possible atrophy will make it difficult to feel comfortable and strong in the area that was surgically repaired.

Physical and occupational therapy after surgery can help you feel better, restore strength, and reduce the amount of time you spend recuperating. Your treatment plan will be be designed for your specific needs.

What should I expect during therapy?

During your first appointment with your physical therapist, you will go through the extent of your damage and the specifics of your surgery. After that, your physical therapist will conduct an evaluation of your range of motion and strength, and coordinate with your doctor or surgeon to devise the best possible treatment plan for you.

The most prevalent treatment methods include massage, heat and cold therapy, flexibility training, and guided stretching and muscle training. With the guidance of your physical therapist, you’ll learn exercises that you may do at home to speed up your recovery.

Get better, faster! Request an appointment in Anchorage.

A reliable and safe recovery plan is a good idea after any surgical procedure. As soon as you learn of your surgery, contact our therapy clinic in Anchorage! Our physical or occupational therapists will work closely with you and any other medical professionals involved in your surgery to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

We are committed to assisting you in your healing journey, so request an appointment with us today!

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