How Speech Therapy Can Help You With A Speech or Voice Disorder

How Speech Therapy Can Help You With A Speech or Voice Disorder

Voice Disorder

Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage offers therapy that is specifically tailored to a person’s speech, voice, language, and swallowing needs. Our speech therapists work hard to help patients improve their speaking skills as well as their voice volume and quality. They can also help patients with eating, drinking, swallowing, and communicating problems.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a speech disorder that is interfering with their ability to communicate with others, know that Wise Physical Therapy‘s extensive therapeutic services can help provide guidance and relief. To learn more, please contact our office in Anchorage today.

What is a voice or speech disorder?

Speech and voice disorders are more common than you may believe. They can appear gradually or as a result of an injury or neurological condition.

Some of the most common speech and voice disorders are listed below. If you recognize any of these conditions, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a professional in Anchorage.

  • Dysarthria. This is a symptom of nerve or muscle damage. It shows itself as slurred or slow speech, abnormal pitch when speaking, voice quality changes, and difficulty articulating words.
  • Apraxia of speech (AOS): A condition that occurs when the neural pathway between the brain and a person’s speech function (speech muscles) is lost or obscured. Even though you might know exactly what you want to say, your brain is unable to send the right messages so that speech muscles can do their job.
  • Aphasia. This is a “loss of language,” and it affects a person’s ability to communicate on many different levels. l Expressive aphasia marks difficulty in finding words, forming phrases and sentences. This can additionally affect a person’s ability to write. The National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke estimates that one million Americans have some form of aphasia.
  • Stuttering. The causes of stuttering are mostly unknown, although it can be linked to genetics. If stuttering begins to impact everyday activities, or is triggered by certain tasks (like talking to someone new), this is a sign that a person has a speech disorder.
  • Congenital Dysphonia. A condition resulting from masses or lesions or structural abnormality to the vocal folds or surrounding areas.
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia. This is when vocal folds are open or closed too much, affecting the vibration pattern for speaking. Patients have a strained or “squeezed” quality. It occurs when a person makes an effort to gain loudness.

How will therapy at Wise Physical Therapy  help?

Our specialized speech therapy programs at Wise Physical Therapy can help with any speech or voice disorder. Our clinic offers specialized therapeutic intervention that is tailored to an individual’s speech, voice, language, or swallowing requirements.

Following your initial consultation with your Anchorage therapist, they will be able to make a proper diagnosis (if one has not already been made prior to your appointment) and discuss various treatment options with you.

These interventions may include the following treatment methods:

  • Advanced oral-motor treatments
  • Neuromuscular reeducation
  • Functional computer retraining
  • Intensive voice programs
  • Traditional speech therapy techniques

Let’s face it: having a speech disorder can seriously impair your ability to interact with others and navigate your daily life. This doesn’t have to be the case! The only way to find out if speech or voice therapy is the best option for you is to schedule an assessment with one of our licensed Anchorage physical therapists.

Are you ready to see progress?

If you’re sick of letting your speech or voice disorder dictate how you live your life, there’s no better time than now to see a therapist at Wise Physical Therapy.

Our therapists are highly trained professionals who understand how to evaluate a person’s speech, voice, language, and communication skills. They can provide the appropriate treatment for your disorder and will work with you one-on-one to make the necessary improvements.

To learn more about our speech and voice therapy services, contact our office in Anchorage today. We’re ready to assist you in making a change!