How Does Physical Therapy Help In Preventing Cycling Injuries?

How Does Physical Therapy Help In Preventing Cycling Injuries?

Cycling Injuries

Are you tired of dealing with knee pain every time you go out for a ride on your cycle? Have you tried adjusting the fit of your bike but still have pain? At Wise Physical Therapy, in Anchorage, our physical therapists have proven success treating cyclists and can help ensure a proper fit on the saddle.

Whether you are new to cycling or have been riding for years, injuries can interfere with your enjoyment of getting on your bike and going for a ride. It is important for every cyclist to have a proper bike fitting for comfort and to reduce the risk of injury.

Not all cyclists in Anchorage know that a physical therapist at Wise Physical Therapy has experience identifying and treating common limitations that may be affecting your fit. We will work to make sure that, along with any adjustment to your bike, your body can also physically achieve the necessary movements and positions to make a proper fit possible.

At Wise Physical Therapy, in Anchorage, our physical therapists will identify any weakness and restriction that may be causing your pain and provide you with the tools to resolve your limitations to get out and ride pain-free!

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What type of injuries do cyclists face?

Riding bikes is common in all countries worldwide. For some, cycling is used as a mode of transportation, and in other situations, people use recreational cycling as one of their primary forms of exercise. The longer a rider is in the saddle (seat), the risk of overuse-type injuries increases.

Most cycling-related injuries are associated with overuse-type injuries or due to improper fit of the bicycle. Prolonged postures and repetitive movements are the main reasons for pain/injuries. Eliminating compression and overuse symptoms is one of the most important keys to preventing injuries by improving bike fittings.

Knee pain is the most common complaint that limits and/or prevents cyclists of all abilities and experience from riding. Research studies have demonstrated that when the seat is too low, the natural tendency is to alter how you move, which is associated with knee pain. For example, when your seat is too low, dorsiflexing the ankles and angling the knees inward (adduction).

The other areas commonly associated with overuse injuries are the neck, knee, groin/buttock area, and lower back. The position of the handlebars combined with the prolonged posture of leaning forward and lifting your head to look up can strain your neck muscles, upper back muscles, and lower back joints. Improper alignment of the pedals or feet on the pedals can cause pain, irritation, and even injury.

Injuries are also the result of accidents, mainly from a collision with a motor vehicle or a fall due to road surface damage and obstacles or mechanical problems with the bicycle (i.e., flat tire or issue with chain).

Our team in Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage can help ensure your body is capable of achieving a proper fit and help you restore mobility and strength to reduce your risks on the saddle.

How physical therapy at Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage can help

Our physical therapists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify and address any weakness or restriction in your trunk or pelvis. Lower extremities are essential to optimize comfort and reduce injury risk. At Wise Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation to identify all the factors contributing to pain and injury.

Our team will assess the biomechanical factors contributing to your pain/injury. We understand how cadence, power output, crank length, saddle position, saddle height, and foot positions affect cyclists’ likelihood of developing pain and overuse-type injuries.

Our physical therapy specialists will use this information to develop a comprehensive program that includes targeted manual techniques, mobility work, strengthening, and any appropriate pain relief technique tailored to the individual cyclist.

Your Anchorage physical therapist will then incorporate treatments that ensure your body can achieve proper alignment of the joints, rider position, and pedaling mechanics to assist you in a safe return to training and enjoying your time riding!

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At Wise Physical Therapy, in Anchorage, our physical therapists are experts in treating cycling-related injuries. We have proven success with treating riders of all skill levels and experiences.

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