The Best Natural Treatment for Arthritis Aches and Pains

The Best Natural Treatment for Arthritis Aches and Pains

The Best Natural Treatment for Arthritis Aches and Pains

Arthritis is a painful ailment that can make a person feel isolated and confined on their path. In order to manage discomfort, many arthritis sufferers turn to antirheumatic medicines, steroid injections, or joint replacement surgery.

Physical therapy and other natural treatments, on the other hand, have been shown to provide greater results for many people. Contact our office today for more information on how our natural method of pain treatment can help you relieve your arthritic problems. In the meantime, keep reading to learn about the benefits of physical therapy for arthritic pains!

The benefits of manual therapy

Physical therapy entails more than merely performing specialized exercises. Manual therapy is, in fact, an important component of many physical therapy treatment strategies. It is the hands-on component of PT that not only pampers arthritic patients but also helps them to feel better. A large portion of an arthritic patient’s physical therapy session is usually devoted to manual pain management.

In order to relieve hurting joints, other therapy options may include ice and heat therapies, massage, and even the use of special technology.

To treat pain naturally, your physical therapist can alternate heating pads and ice packs. Massage for rheumatic areas increases circulation and gives a relaxing, warming sensation. Ultrasound machines deliver soothing heat to the damaged joints at a deeper level. Whatever approaches and modalities your physical therapist recommends, you may rest assured that your treatment plan was created just for you.

How are painful joints isolated?

Rest can sometimes be the best cure for arthritic joints. However, too much inactivity can actually worsen the problem by weakening the surrounding muscles.

Your physical therapist can help you isolate the painful joint, so you can remain active while finding relief. Bracing provides natural pain relief for your arthritic condition. Depending on where your arthritis is rooted, a specialized neck collar or wrist splint can also provide specialized support for that joint. By isolating the painful area, you will be able to go about your daily life without worrying about the aches and pains you are carrying with you.

Improving range of motion with PT

Anyone who has arthritis can attest to the horribly stiff joints that come with it. When you try to move the injured joint further than it can go, you may feel anything from a nagging discomfort to complete pain. Flexibility exercises learned in physical therapy sessions help your joints become more supple over time, while resistance exercises help to strengthen the muscles that support them. Your comprehensive physical therapy session will allow you to attain diminished discomfort and improved freedom of movement by participating in such treatments.

You can learn new ways to move!

It’s not always easy to predict which of your behaviors will cause arthritic twinges and acute aches. Even something as easy as walking around a corner might cause your arthritic shoulder to stiffen and twist in ways you didn’t realize, resulting in a bolt of pain that appears to shoot straight through you. As a result, finding new ways to move is critical in order to prevent some of the unwelcomed uncomfortable sensations that can occur during the day.

Arthritic individuals might learn which motions cause them pain during physical therapy sessions. Their physical therapists can also show you how to minimize unneeded discomfort by demonstrating new joint protection procedures. It could be as easy as carrying a pocketbook with a specific type of strap to relieve pressure on your wrists, or entering the car or bathtub in a different method.

A physical therapist can show you how to carry goods with your palms instead of your fingers if you have arthritic fingers. Another typical strategy is to lay objects across the arms rather than carrying them in your hands. During your sessions, you will also learn about the most up-to-date technologies and techniques that may make everyday activities much easier.

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Of course, each patient is different when it comes to the best type of physical therapy and related natural treatments for arthritis. A large part of your treatment prescription depends on the location and severity of your condition. A physical therapist on our team can give you a careful assessment and determine which methods will be best in providing you with natural pain relief. Contact our office today to secure an appointment and get started on the path toward natural, safe, and effective relief!

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