Anodyne Light Treatment Anchorage & Elmendorf, Air Force Base, AK

Anodyne Light Treatment

The word Anodyne is originally Greek and means “without pain”. Today anodyne is the name of an infrared light therapy device that is used to reduce pain. Most typically individuals with neuropathy (nerve pain) in their feet or hands use anodyne. Although anodyne can be used on any area of the body where pain is present.

What Do Treatments with Anodyne® Therapy Feel Like?

Most patients experience a soothing warmth during Anodyne® Therapy treatments. However, some experience a tingling sensation or slight discomfort at first. This is a good sign that the blood flow is increasing to the area and should go away after a few treatments.

The patented treatment method of Anodyne® Therapy Systems causes blood vessels (arteries and veins) to open up – thus increasing local circulation, and reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasm.

Pain can have many underlying causes or origins – which is why it is sometimes very hard to treat. Common causes of pain are:

  • Lack of blood flow/poor circulation
  • Pinched nerves due to swelling
  • Mechanical issues due to trauma, injury, or degeneration

Your blood delivers necessary substances – such as oxygen and nutrients – to the cells of your body; and also transports waste products away from those same cells. Injuries and trauma cause inflammation or swelling, making it difficult for blood to reach an injured site in the body.

Additionally, some conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease (PVD and PAD), hypertension, and atherosclerosis contribute to blood vessel narrowing – causing pain.

For patients with the conditions mentioned above, blood vessel constriction often presents first in areas of the body with the smallest blood vessels such as arms, hands, feet and legs – and can escalate to areas such as the digestive track, kidneys – and heart. 

By increasing local circulation (blood flow), Anodyne® treatments handles the underlying cause of many types of pain – poor circulation. Pain medications may only further mask symptoms, and many people cannot tolerate their side-effects.

According to published clinical data on the Anodyne® Infrared Therapy System, 51% of patients were actually able to reduce or eliminate their use of pain medications! Contact Us Today and Schedule an appointment at Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage AK 907-562-2118. Our expert team will evaluate you for the best therapies, including kinesiology taping, to target your injuries.