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Welcome to Wise Physical Therapy

We are here to help you enjoy your life, pain-free! To make a convenient appointment, simply call us today 907-562-2118. Our practice is dedicated to helping our patients identify the cause of their pain and creating a custom treatment program that will allow them to return to normal activities pain-free.

Patient Forms

At Wise Physical Therapy, we want to maximize your time with us. Prior to your first visit, please follow the Intake Form link below and submit that online. Then print and fill out the New Patient Registration Form below, and bring it with you to your first visit along with your insurance information and photo ID.

Direct Access

Did you know you don’t need a referral to see a physical therapist?

Not everyone is aware that if you are experiencing pain or an injury, you can go directly to your physical therapist. It makes no difference whether you’re dealing with an old or new problem. You can schedule an appointment with one of our therapists in any of the 50 states to get help as soon as possible.

Direct Access in the medical community refers to the ability to see a physical therapist whenever you want without obtaining permission from your physician or medical practitioner.

Physical therapists routinely assess and treat patients without the recommendation of a physician. You can reach us at WISE Physical Therapy in Anchorage, AK, and we’ll schedule your appointment right away! Direct Access eliminates the need to waste time waiting for a doctor’s appointment, then waiting for a referral to physical therapy and another appointment with the therapist.

Insurance Info

We gladly accept all insurance plans. Call today and ask our billing specialist about your insurance 907-562-2118. That way when you come to your first appointment you will know if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services. To help you, our team we will call your health insurance company for you. Since we don’t like surprises any more than you do, our billing specialist will grab all the details and let you know exactly what your insurance will cover. 

We also bill:

  • We accept Workers’ Compensation
  • 3rd Party Insurance such as Motor Vehicle Accidents or Personal Injury

What if my insurance company has no preferred providers?
We routinely bill and work with MODA and many other insurance companies.

We bill 3rd Party Insurance such as Motor Vehicle Accidents or Personal Injury.

Our helpful office staff will communicate with your insurance companies, attorneys, and other healthcare providers to ensure the best medical care possible for you.

Contact Us Today and Schedule an appointment at Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage AK 907-562-2118.


They care about your recovery!

The staff took the time to explain the root cause of my condition. They created a personalized plan for my recovery. They are professional, caring, and knowledgeable!

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Patient Information

My shoulder is now better than before!

My goal was to achieve 100% mobility/range of motion following shoulder surgery. That goal was reached thanks to Bill and his staff. PT sessions were professional and effective.

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Shoulder Pain Relief Anchorage & Elmendorf, Air Force Base, AK

I discovered pain relief and increased my mobility!

From the very first session with Bill, the pain was greatly reduced and my mobility increased. After a couple of sessions, I finally had hope of recovering from my accident.

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They helped me find pain relief after neck surgery!

I had major neck surgery following a motor vehicle accident. Surgery was successful, but I had a lot of pain and was referred to Wise Physical Therapy where I received excellent care and experienced much pain relief!

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Refer a Friend

Our purpose at Wise Physical Therapy is to leave a greater impact on the communities around us. In order to achieve our goal we want to change as many lives as possible as we become a beacon of positivity in our communities. We love helping people achieve relief from pain and reach their full potential, thus making a difference in their lives.

Who do you know that needs our help? Simply fill in the form below and we will send them information about how we can help. We will gladly answer any questions they may have about their condition and how we can help. They will thank you and so will we!


What is physical therapy?
Physical therapy is a medical, hands-on approach to relieving pain and restoring function. Physical therapists are medical experts in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and work closely with physicians. Our physical therapists evaluate your movement patterns, identify the cause of your pain, and work to eliminate it. While every patient's condition and pain is unique, your physical therapist will use a variety of gentle hands-on techniques, exercises, and equipment to relieve pain quickly and restore your function to optimum levels. The overall goal is to restore pain-free mobility and function and to prevent the injury or pain from recurring.
How do I know if physical therapy will help me?

Working with you and your doctor, we can discuss your options and help determine if physical therapy will be the right choice for you. Contact us today to discuss your current condition and even set up a free consultation if you choose.

Can I go to any physical therapy I choose?
As a patient you have the right to receive physical therapy at any place you choose. At Wise Physical Therapy, you will receive the highest quality care while achieving the results you need.  We pride ourselves on providing a positive, encouraging environment with well-trained, friendly staff.  We are confident in our ability to help you reach your goals and live a pain-free life.
How do I schedule an appointment?

Our scheduling is easy and we offer a convenient location and appointment times for you. We have morning and evening appointments available to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Call us today or request an appointment.