Our Practice

Wise Physical Therapy was established in Anchorage, Alaska more than 20 years ago.

Our Key Concept!

At Wise Physical Therapy we want you to feel as comfortable as possible and believe that there should be an understanding between therapist and patient. Our patients are not numbers to be called on, they are individuals. Each individual is unique and with each patient we create a unique understanding.  To start building that, come in and meet your, therapist. Our number one goal is to give you a focused, purposeful experience that will help you recover to a better state then you thought possible.

What do we do?

Wise Physical Therapy provides a more personalized approach to your care. Our model of care focuses on you and your unique needs! You will be evaluated and treated by one of our therapists. We do not book multiple patients at a time; all care is a typically a1-hour session. We do one-to-one care, one patient, one therapist all the time. Our therapists will complete a thorough evaluation to determine what treatment techniques and therapeutic exercises will best benefit your needs and goals.

The physical therapist at Wise Physical Therapy strives to be more than leaders in physical therapy. We pride ourselves in enhancing the quality of life of our patients, employees, and the community. Wise Physical Therapy strives to treat each individual with integrity both in the clinic and throughout the Anchorage community we serve.  Our purpose is for each patient/client to reach their greatest abilities based on their personal needs and capabilities.

How do we do this?

In order to achieve this, we focus on a continued pursuit of advanced knowledge in the areas of clinical education, leadership, and professional growth. We are continually committed for each individual patient to have a positive experience with our staff.

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