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At Wise Physical Therapy, we want our patients to live their best lives. Our goal is for each patient/client to reach their highest potential based on their personal needs and abilities. We focus on getting to the root of your pain and creating an individualized plan for your recovery. You will receive personalized attention from start-to-finish. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and believe that there should be great communication between therapist and patient. Each individual is unique and with each patient, we strive to create a unique relationship. We always make sure your physical therapy appointment is all about you.

“Encourages his clients to participate actively on their own!”

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Before coming to Wise Physical Therapy, I spent 11 months in severe pain, going to physical therapy with little or no relief. From the very first session with Bill, the pain was greatly reduced and my mobility increased. After a couple of sessions I finally had hope of recovering from my accident. Several weeks later I’m still making progress and have returned to work.

- B.F.

I admire Bill’s adeptness with various types of therapy. He seems to have an intuitive sense of what will work and encourages his clients to participate actively in their own healing process. He has assisted me with both short term problems and lingering challenges from past injuries — all with positive results!

- S.B.

When I started at Wise physical therapy I was in so much pain all the time. I couldn’t walk for very long, stand for very long or be able to do very much for any length of time. My posture was poor which resulted in my back to be in immense pain and I was tired all the time, the combination of these two just made me want to sleep all day long and I wasn’t even 20 years old at the time!

- S.G.

I had major neck surgery following a motor vehicle accident. Surgery was successful, but I had a lot of pain and was referred to Wise Physical Therapy where I received excellent care and experienced much pain relief!

- S.B.

My goal was to achieve 100% mobility/range of motion following shoulder surgery. That goal was reached thanks to Bill and his staff. PT sessions were professional and effective. Thanks for your help in recovering from surgery and regaining full use of my shoulder.

- J.B.

Treatments Designed Just For You!

  • Chronic Pain Program

    Chronic Pain Program

    Chronic pain can be caused by a number of different conditions and injuries.

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  • Manual Therapy

    Manual Therapy

    Relieves pain with joint manipulation, manipulation of the muscles, joint mobilization and kneading.

    Read More
  • Gait-balance wise pt

    Gait and Balance

    Gait and Balance

    A balance disorder is one that causes you to struggle with your balance.

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  • Kinesiotaping


    Kinesio tape is most frequently used by athletes—especially those who engage in prolonged activities.

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  • Graston Technique

    Graston Technique

    This soft tissue mobilization technique treats a wide number of conditions.

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  • Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

    Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

    Physical therapists have begun to emphasize the importance of going through physical therapy before surgery.

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Free Resources To Pain Relief in One Click!

  • Learn natural ways to stop sciatica pain, the most being physical therapy. Learn what you can do to start the path to recovery.
  • The sooner you address the root of your pain, the less risk for long- term damage to your spine.
  • Take care of your body with an exercise plan, walking/running techniques, and body mechanics for long- lasting results.

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