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About Wise Physical Therapy

About Us

Wise Physical Therapy
Wise Physical Therapy was established in Anchorage, Alaska in 2003 by physical therapist Bill Wise.
At Wise Physical Therapy we want you to feel as comfortable as possible and believe that there should be a relationship between therapist and patient. Our patients are not numbers to be called on, they are individuals. Each individual is unique and with each patient we create a unique relationship.  To start building that relationship, here is a little bit about our therapist.

Bill Wise, MPT
Bill Wise came to Alaska with his family in 1976. He attended undergraduate schools in Fairbanks and Wisconsin earning a degree in Biology. In 1980 Bill went to work for Tesoro at their North Kenai refinery making gasoline and working in the operations group doing shift work, and in 1987 he took a position with British Petroleum as a startup production operator at the Endicott facility. In 1992 he had elected to take the retirement package offered by BP in order to return to school and earn his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and then in 2003 he opened up Wise Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation here in Anchorage, Alaska.

When he was younger he was quite the adventurer. Some of his adventures include climbing Denali in 1983, rafting and whitewater kayaking the Grand Canyon on two separate occasions, white water kayaking Devil’s Canyon on the Susitna River in Alaska twice, teaching white water kayaking in college and teaching skiing at Alyeska. At fifty years of age he now has two children, one that is 13 and the other at 15 years of age.

Today Bill enjoys excelling at being a physical therapist and helping individuals recover from injury and illness. He has a firm belief that life should be pain free. He has studied traditional and non traditional healing arts such as Strain Counter/Strain, CranioSacral therapy, Myofascial release, traditional Chinese medicine techniques, and Kinesiology. He will utilize whatever techniques he needs to in order to get you, the patient, feeling better again.

The one thing that Bill enjoys about physical therapy is getting the opportunity to help those who are in pain feeling better. He likes helping people return to the things that they enjoy in life.