Speech Therapy Anchorage & Elmendorf, Air Force Base, AK

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology for Kids!

What Does a Pediatric Speech Therapist Do?

Speech therapists work with children to improve speech, vocabulary development, facial expressions, and more.

Our therapists work hard to help every child:
● Develop strong speaking and listening skills
● Refine volume and quality of voice
● Decrease issues with eating, drinking, swallowing, and cognitive skills


What Should I Expect from My Child’s Speech Therapy?

Kids love working with our therapists because they know how to make it fun for the children. 

Our Speech Therapists, SLP’s, get children to speak the English language better. They get better speech by focusing on muscle strengthening and coordination exercises. Their program will consist of exercises to help strengthen coordination of the mouth, throat, and tongue to facilitate normal speaking, chewing, and swallowing habits.

Speech therapists will not only teach proper exercises and techniques but will actively monitor and track the progress of your child. Working with your child on speech, swallowing and cognitive issues, will increase your child’s talking and thinking skills. Therapy will improve your child’s ability to communicate through verbal and non-verbal skills.

Call us so your child can interact with us and have fun.

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