Pediatric Therapy Anchorage & Elmendorf, Air Force Base, AK

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapists are experts at working with the families and helping children overcome not only their physical barriers but the barriers in place around them in life. We measure our success based on how well the children we treat overcome these barriers and their improvements.

We are living in strange and unprecedented times due to COVID-19. Many parents are finding themselves in difficult situations regarding their child’s education, care, and overall development. It’s hard enough to make sure that your child’s developmental skills are satisfactory without the added stress of a global pandemic.

We have a team of professional, skilled pediatric physical therapists who are ready and able to help your child grow and progress, no matter what is going on in the world around them. Contact our office in Anchorage & Elmendorf, Air Force Base, AK today to learn more. about how we have adapted our pediatric therapy programs during this uncertain time.


What Is Telehealth & How Can It Help My Child?

Telehealth is a way for Wise Physical Therapy to make sure our pediatric patients are still receiving the highest possible quality of care they need from a remote location, such as their home. 

Telehealth services can be accessed via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Your child will be able to be “face to face” with their pediatric physical therapist so that he or she can continue their physical therapy treatment from the comfort of your own home during the pandemic. 

Our telehealth services offer live consultation where you and your child can meet and chat with their physical therapist about progress and treatment plans. Your child will continue making progress in their treatment without having to come with you to the clinic. 


What Conditions Can Pediatric Therapy Treat?

There are several conditions a child may have that will require support from a skilled pediatric physical therapist. Some children have difficulty with gross motor skills as a result of being born prematurely or have neurological impairments that can be the result of a genetic disorder or complications during birth.

Below is a list of conditions pediatric physical therapy is recommended for:

  • Speech and communication delays
  • Gross motor delays, coordination problems
  • Genetic disorders, including Down’s syndrome
  • Muscle weakness
  • Recovery from sports-related injuries
  • Balance and gait issues
  • General developmental delays
  • ADHD

Wise Physical Therapy also offers pediatric occupational therapy. This type of therapy focuses on helping children who struggle with certain conditions develop the necessary skills for growing into independently functioning adults.

If your child is in need of occupational therapy, their therapist may work with them on their social skills, taking care of themselves (grooming habits), as well as their cognitive skills, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. Contact us to learn more.


What Should I Expect From My Child’s Telehealth Appointment?

Since all of our appointments are being held virtually now, treatment might seem a little bit different, but have no fear! Our pediatric physical therapists at Wise Physical Therapy  are highly trained to work with children of all ages no matter what the circumstance may be.

During your scheduled virtual appointment, your child’s pediatric therapist will assess your child’s condition, ask him or her questions about any pain they might be experiencing, and show your child how to do certain moves and stretches to begin treatment. A physical therapist will ask that you assist your child with some of these exercises, and will be able to instruct you on how to do so. These exercises and stretch routines will encourage growth and progress at home. 


Contact Our Office Today For Information On Telehealth Services!

Our pediatric therapists at Wise PT are prepared to evaluate and treat your child’s gross motor skills and cognitive development even during the uncertainty of COVID-19. We’re in this together. Don’t let your child’s development fall further behind. Contact Us Today and Schedule an appointment at Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage AK 907-562-2118.