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COVID-19 has made it increasingly difficult to ensure that your child is getting the proper care and attention regarding their development and growth. This is especially true for children on the autism spectrum, as they face a range of challenges in school and daily life. 


If your child is already in physical therapy,  it’s still important that he or she continues to make good progress even if they are unable to go into an office. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, or they are showing symptoms of autism, and will need to see a professional before lockdown ends, don’t worry. Wise Physical Therapy in Anchorage, AK, is proud to be able to continue to offer our physical therapy services for children through virtual appointments. 


If you’d like to know more about how pediatric physical therapy can potentially help your child on the spectrum, give us a call to schedule a virtual appointment.


What Is Telehealth & How Can It Help My Child?


Telehealth services are a way for our experts to make sure our patients (and their parents) are still receiving the highest possible quality of care they need from a remote location, such as their home. 


Telehealth services can be accessed via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Your child will be able to be “face to face” with their physical therapist so that he or she can continue their therapy treatment from the comfort of your own home during the pandemic. 


Our telehealth services offer live consultation where you and your child can meet and chat with their physical therapist about progress and treatment plans. Your child will continue making progress without having to come to the clinic. 


How A Pediatric Therapist Can Help With Your Child’s Autism


According to ChoosePT,

“Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have delays in the development of basic skills. These delays occur in specific areas. They may struggle to talk to and connect with others. They also may have limited and repetitive behavior patterns. Often, there is a delay in forming motor (movement) skills.” 

Your child’s physical therapist will assess his or her functional abilities. They might ask for your child to play with toys, pick items up, walk, or stretch. A pediatric therapist is skilled in creating ways to help your child complete everyday tasks such as eating, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and getting dressed on their own. They will also work to improve social skills, visual perception skills, and fine motor skills.

The goal of our specialist is to provide guided strategies and exercises to do at home to continue progressing in their treatment. Their treatment plan will change over time as they learn new skills and can be more independent. 


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Our pediatric therapist at Wise PT is prepared to evaluate and help your child, even during the uncertainty of COVID-19. We’re in this together. Don’t let your child’s development fall further behind. Contact us at Anchorage & Elmendorf, Air Force Base, AK centers today for more information about our pediatric telehealth services.